We are a team of passionate customer experience practitioners focusing on ​​​​​​​​​​​thinking like a customer through customer glasses​​​​​​​​.

  • Our ethos is simple: Do what you preach
Our facilitators bring diversity into your customer experience internships and customer experience courses including: Change management principles, Leadership tools, Lean and 6 Sigma principles. 

  • Our objective is: To instill a think like a customer culture in Africa

All facilitators have extensive knowledge in thinking like a customer including customer loyalty principles, customer journey mapping experience, knowledge of customer feedback measures (customer loyalty and customer satisfaction).

"Thinking like a customer is being able to identify where opportunity meets emotion"





My Experience...

​​Michelle Hill
                    My experience started with my first truly memorable customer experience as a salesperson, making
                    a mistake and a memorable (#&%$) reaction from my customer. Over my years in Business 
                    Improvement, Facilitation, Marketing, Change Management and Customer Experience roles across
                    industries such as automotive, construction, mining and insurance, customer experience has    
                    remained central to all of my teachings. 

Ginty Chalk
               My experience spans from the mining to finance, retail to fashion industries, local to international 
                   clients, featuring Change Management, Leadership Development, Facilitation and People

Grant Davis

                        My experience has centered around providing business improvement initiatives such as Lean,
                   Six Sigma, Process Management, Customer Experience) through training and workshop facilitation.
                   Industries include Finance, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Logistics, Oil, Aviation, Agriculture, 
                   Food, Education, Textile, Energy, Electronics and Telecommunications. In Lean and Six Sigma we
                   speak of  the concept of customer value, the concept of thinking like a customer takes this
                   to another level.​

Thinking like a customer...

​​Michelle Hill
                     Thinking like a customer is the ability to bring our customer glasses to life in every customer
                     experience. Are we as customers not unique individuals encompassing emotions, past experiences,
                     personalities and present situations? Why would our customers not be?

Ginty Chalk
                       Thinking like a customer is being able to identify where opportunity meets emotion. Customer
                  glasses are the most amazing tools to walk in the footsteps of your customer.  Seeing what your logic
                  tells you not to see. 

Grant Davis
                        Thinking like a customer is not easy to see through at first but like anything with practise anyone
                   can do it.​​

I have seen...

​​Michelle Hill
                    I have seen the moment it hits a person that they are not thinking like a customer.
                    It is a mixture of disappointment, guilt, surprise and above all else, hope of change. Customer
                    glasses are the ability to see the same surroundings but from your customers' eyes.

Ginty Chalk
                       I have seen so many opportunities to ‘wow’ customers but sometimes we are so wrapped up in our
                  own worlds and egos, that we don’t allow ourselves to really focus and engage with people on a
                  ‘human’ level. 

Grant Davis
                        I have seen people shove this idea aside because they do not understand it. It is a real loss for
                   everyone. Customer experience fits right in with the Purpose revolution and is a major evolution in
                   the business improvement space.