"Well done is better than well said"
~Benjamin Franklin



​​Our "change your thinking" analysis helps to assist your leadership team in identifying what are the next correct steps in your customer experience journey to start placing those glasses firmly on. The analysis assists to determine where gaps in your CX strategy are and where you and your team may need a little bit of help.

You may be at the beginning of your customer experience journey or you may have had experience already with customer loyalty, customer service and customer satisfaction measures. Your CX proposition may be in place with customer experience training, your customer experience statement or even identifying links to employee recognition linking to voice of customer (VOC) and brand behaviour. Regardless of what stage you are at in your current customer experience journey we are here to provide guidance on where you are doing well, and where you need a bit more direction.

We are here to help you find out what is holding you and your team back from truly putting on your customer glasses, thinking like a customer to achieve customer loyalty.​​

​​Our four focus areas which affect your ability to think like a customer include:​​

How is your brand behaving? How is your brand health?
Is your brand linked to your values? Do you have a customer experience statement? Does your brand statement reflect how your customers' experience your brand? What are customers' saying about your brand?

How are you recognising your employees for positive customer attitudes and behaviour to enhance your customer experience? How are you focusing on incorporating thinking like a customer into future leaders? How are you measuring your customer feedback and rewarding based on increased customer experience?

How are you motivating employees to actively change their thinking to focus on the customer experience? How are you rewarding your employees based on customer experience and through which channels? How are you monitoring think like a customer behaviour and attitudes?

What mechanisms are in place to ensure your company responds to a customer complaint due to a bad customer experience ? What are you asking your customers? How are you using your customer feedback (VOC) ? Are you measuring customer loyalty , customer experience and customer satisfaction?