When we start thinking like a customer, we start to question:
what does our customer experience look like, feel like and sound like? 

  1. 72
    6-month Internships
  2. 98%
    Pass rate
  1. 107
    1-day Learners
  1. R2,8 million​​​​
    salary spend towards spend for skills development over and above training spend


  1. “I have improved in dealing with different customer emotions, follow-ups and communicating with customers.”
  2. “I have learnt to feedback constantly. A customer called me to compliment me and thank me.”
  3. “We have witnessed an increase in customer experience at all levels.”
  4. “I have learnt to ask myself; “What would I do as a customer in that situation.”
  5. “We asked a branch what they had changed as they increased sales by 30% when the industry is flat. The difference was this Internship.”
    Senior Manager
  6. “We have a monotonous way of thinking. We had to forget about our glasses and put on our customer’s glasses.”
  7. “I have shared what I have learnt with my colleagues. We are better as a team focused on a common goal of Customer Experience.”
  8. “I can now go out and put on the customer glasses and understand their emotions and mine.”
  9. “A customer became very emotional. I stepped in and resolved his issue. After the interaction I taught my colleagues on how to behave with a customer.”


  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director

   Ask yourself:​​​​​​​​​​​
            - Do all of your employees "think like a customer"?
            - Is your customer experience seamless?
            - Do your internal departments work together?
            - Are customer complaints and compliments valued?

   Our clients have realised that "Thinking like a customer" is not limited to any specific    
     function, geographic area or industry.  Various functions during the customer experience  
    influence the customers' journey positively or negatively. Think about your experience as   
    customer during an post sales query. Did it affect your experience? 
   Customer experience in certain geographic areas may be excellent shown through high
   customer loyalty results and positive customer satisfaction feedback but shoddy in the next
   area with numerous customer complaints. 
     ​ Customer experience is not limited to the industry you are in. If you have any form of 
   customer, you are dealing with customer experience. An experience between a supplier and a
   customer influences your perception of that organisation.

   Thinking like a customer and placing customer glasses on to view your customer experience
   requires practise. Our CX courses, CX internships and CX consulting focus on assisting
   employees to identify customer feedback through analysing customer complaints and
   customer compliments. Completion of the course includes  recommending how to correct the
   customer journey through practical customer journey mapping techniques. 


We partner with like-minded training centres to enable us to provide the necessary customer experience accreditations and certifications to ensure that your learners walk away with not only knowledge, but a proof of customer experience achievement. All programmes are endorsed with an ​​​​​​​IACET* qualification. Our IACET customer experience accreditation focuses on areas such as brand, change management, customer complaints, customer feedback, customer journey mapping, customer and employee emotions, customer glasses and voice-of-customer. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​* IACET - International Association for Continuing Education and Training

CX courses and Internship certification encompasses the following:

  • Level 2: 1-day courses including accreditation
  • Level 4: 6-month Internship including accreditation
  • 6 CEU's (Continuing Education Units)
  • IACET #: 5451580
​​Our partners offer a wide range of offerings including Training, E-learning and Consulting. Courses on offer include:

  • Lean Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Intuitive Leader
  • Continuous Improvement​