Through our skills development programmes to think like a customer we focus on customer experience through the eyes of our customer. There is an art to thinking like a customer, placing those glasses on and changing their customer experience to promote customer loyalty and encourage customer complaints before our customers walk away. 

But why do we find that both employees and leaders struggle to think like a customer?

If I ask you tell me your experience as a customer in your local clothing store, easy right?

  • You can tell me in minute detail how you felt
  • the customer journey (steps) you took
  • how you were dealt with
  • the level of difficulty you experienced
  • and the reaction to complaints you may have had

Now tell me about your own customers' experiences, and whoops we get stuck. It is hard to shift our persepective from our internal processes, rules, regulations and procedures to the view through our customer glasses. Customer experience through thinking like a customer is the next step in acquiring and maintaining your customer loyalty.

Our customer experience internships and customer experience courses aim to foster a mindset of seeing experiences with your customer glasses.
"Act like a small business and think like your customer"
~ Erica Nicole

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"
- Marcel Proust


  • Activity-based learning
  • Role playing with customer scenarios
  • Course customisation
  • IACET certification
  • Multi-level CX training
  • Future leader recognition
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Leadership involvement
  • Create CX champions
  • Maximise your Skills Development Spend